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No need for a guide to a great junket to Pareee on someone's dime to blow hot air and have fun. And more to the point, anyone who gets a free trip to Paris for two weeks anytime and needs a guide to have a blast there is stone cold brain dead and all the global warming in the world won't revive them. Don't pretend your saving the world, it's Paris, enjoy! I disagree with Ridley. Global warming is not a liberal conspiracy to justify big government. Even the most liberal government wants short-term economic growth and re-election. Ridley admits as much. He notes that no government at Paris is likely to act to restrict its emissions unless it has guarantees that other countries will do the same. Why care about other countries if you just wanted an excuse to expand your own government? This suggests that substantial government and corporate interests across the globe feel genuine worry about the long-term consequences of global warming. But each country finds itself in a prisoner's dilemma, not wanting to be the sucker who cooperates for the common good while others get a free ride. So instead of a liberal hoax, world concern most likely reflects real long-term fear, but a fear that conflicts with short-term economic and political goals. Unfortunately, barring a world government, there is no way to obviate the free rider problem. Hoax implies an intention to deceive by people who don't believe it themselves. But why? To justify big government and science grants? Maybe in the case of some NGOs. But I think many liberal governments and corporate interests genuinely fear global warming. They are acting in a way consistent with that. Otherwise why so much effort to get others to cooperate to deal with the problem? That suggests real belief and fear in global warming but unwillingness to the be the suckers in a prisoner's dilemma.

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