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Slip-on construction.
Tumbled leather upper.
Leather lining.
Cushioned leather footbed.
Textured man-made sole.


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Phillip, seriously, do you actually read this stuff, from the "real world" from "real scientists"? Have you taken any thermodynamics/physics/heat transfer courses in order to tell B.S. from fact? I get VERY sick and tired of the continually changing commentary, about the doom and gloom which will befall us all, unless we drink the red Kool Aid. Do yourself a favor, and get and read an old copy of Gore's Inconvenient Truth. It is quite laughable, honestly.  So who are you believing now?" Have you taken any thermodynamics/physics/heat transfer courses in order to tell B.S. from fact?" I have. And I do "actually read this stuff," and I see no "B.S." in the basics of AGW theory.

Phillip is just commenting on something that has been obvious for a long time. Which is that many people dismiss the work of thousands of scientists based on nothing more than ideological conspiracy thinking. "It's all a socialist plot to institute a One World Government!" Phillip, there is no conclusive evidence that man is causing "global warming". In fact the primary information suggesting this has been shown to be fraudulently manipulated to create a result that fits a political narrative. In the real world where we all have to live, there has never been a time when climate was not changing. Giving left wing institutions the power to tax even more will achieve no more than to grow government and reduce prosperity and freedom for those of us who do not work for such left wing institutions. And, just so you know, the sun has more effect on our climate than anything an overwhelming margin. Perhaps these global warming religionists can have their conference there.

For those who would like to read credible information on climate, try WattsUpWithThat, or Joanne Nova website. The "baseless propaganda" does indeed exist. Wrap your mind around this claim, which I have presented to countless PhD believers (among others) . It's ignored, and for good reason, or they present something that is not even close to credible.  There is no empirical evidence, even over geologic periods, that co2 has EVER had any impact on global temperature. Data, as well as its absence when expected shoot down hypothesis regularly.  That "settled" science experiment increased co2 within a container which increased temperature. But a greenhouse is hardly representative of our open atmosphere. Satellites see heat escaping to space, and co2 impact on temperature diminishes as its leel increases. There is no convection from within a greenhouse, nor does the greenhouse experience any planetary level feedbacks.

The true answer to that is easy: Climate Change Orthodoxy gives world leaders the moral imperative to expand their powers, limit individual freedoms, increase taxes, silence their opponents, attack free markets and capitalism, and move towards a "One World Government." Their motive is exactly the same as it has been for all totalitarians and tyrants through the ages.  The fact that their climate policies will leave billions poor, starving, and dependent on their largess is just icing on the cake, as far as they are concerned.

There was no pause in warming (see Lamar Smith's Committee on Mysticism, Snuff, and the Apocalypse). Although increased coal use in China and India is indeed worrying, using more coal energy ourselves, or failing to discourage its use to the extent possible, would be far worse. The minority report is fierce, but thin. The data do not support predictions of massive sea level rise or rapid changes in rainfall leading to crop failures on a widespread basis. They don't exclude them either. However, the mainstream view is that we should expect material sea level rise, more energetic storm systems, and substantial changes in regional environments, such as we are see now in the wildfire season from California to Alaska, as well as summer snowpack throughout the Rockies. These changes are incompatible with our implicit assumptions about basic resources such as fresh water, sea walls and local agriculture in densely populated areas all around the world. Practical reality is catching up.


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