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Leather upper.
Plain toe.
Ankle straps.
Full inside zip.
Gore insets at top shaft
Leather lining.
Lightly padded insole.
Leather outsole.
Rubber insets on outsole.


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Sinclair Lewis wrote that - "When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the (American) flag and carrying a cross". Evangelical Christianity and patriotism were always the bogeyman of the left; the terror of their fevered minds who they imagined would take away their liberties. Unfortunately for all of us, the ones they should have feared are themselves. They have become what they ostensibly abhorred. Fascism has come to America wrapped in a Greenpeace/UN flag and carrying a sickle...

Jurassic-Cretaceous periods CO2 levels were greater than 4000 ppmv (parts per million by volume). Also, it has been known from ice core data that CO2 levels rise about 800 years after the temperature rises. CO2 is plant food. Humans thrive in warm weather. See a lot of folks living above the arctic circle? A recent study from Yale estimated that there are over three Trillion trees currently on earth probably a result of more plant food called CO2. Science is the "art" of predicting the outcome of an experiment to prove a principle of nature, and every time that experiment is done the result is the same. No one believed in Einstein's theory until a famous eclipse proved what he predicted to be true. The current computer models upon which this hoax of anthropogenic global warming are based have not been proven by observations despite higher CO2 levels. That means that the science is wrong! So no matter how many times you carry out this experiment it will not be what was predicted. New theories on the causes of global warming and cooling need to be advanced and discredited ones rejected. It's obvious to anyone who has read anything about this issue that it is all about politics and control. It Is abetted by today's useful idiots who populate the environmental movement, and scientific mendacity fueled by government sinecure. The anthropogenic global warming scam continues without pause, since the real goal of the scam is the destruction of the modern market driven economy.

Aren't you the guy who argues that skeptics don't have much credibility because not enough publications, but here you refer to a claim ("a proposal", which "infers") in Science magazine based on data from 5 ice cores? Aren't you the same guy who links to articles by most of folks who are part of the IPCC cabal and who, for several years, prevented any publications in the "best" publications? Oops. You probably deny ClimateGate. You want readers to believe you rather than their own eyes. Over the past 1.3 million years there's been 13 ice ages, average duration 90,000 years, with each followed by a warming (an "interglacial" which we are now enjoying), average duraton 10,000 years. The only way to bet (if you had to) is that we're closer to the next ice age than to the previous one. Only 15,000 years ago, the Big Apple was sitting under a mile high glacier which was melting, and we're worrying about a couple of feet of water.

"This is the mentality of religious fanaticism, not scientific debate." The fact that the socialist progressive political class is so insistent on taking control over our energy industry in the face of the evidence, or lack thereof, makes "progressive" motives suspect.  Not that most of the electorate will think about it.  While it is true that many folks, both left and right have adopted their position based on their politics, it is also true that only one of those groups will (accidentally) be right. Having said that, there is no comparison between believers and skeptics. Skeptcs, by definition may revise their position if they see evidence. The true believers cannot. They've dug themselves into too deep a hole.

The Boy Wonder toasted the conference attendees with a glass of vintage champagne and congratulated them for their courage in facing down the terrorists. He then requested another cracker and some fresh brie. The conference center was surrounded by 6,000 French paratroopers and ringed by a squadron of 32 tanks. All traffic within five miles of the venue was diverted. The only tense moment during the affair occurred when the representative from Ethiopia scooped up some caviar with his fingers.


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