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Hand sewn moccasin construction.
Hand-antiqued brushoff leather upper.
Fully lined with leather.
Cushioned insole.
Full leather midsole.
Stacked leather/rubber heel.


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What lies beneath the surface, however, is the undeniable fact that the sole basis for the catastrophic predictions are complex computer models (my field, by the way) that have, by any reasonable metric, failed to forward predict the current climate! To the extent that there is any quantifiable science (but I repeat myself) of climate catastrophe, it is these models. And models whose forward predictions do not correspond to observations are, to put it simply, not worth the electrons that are expended in running them. Any conclusions made from these models are arbitrary - they're "not even wrong".  To make a single person poorer as a result of the current state of climate science is irrational and immoral. I actually think the models are pretty good. But some estimates are made of things that can't be modeled properly. I suspect these estimates are intentionally exaggerated. Despite the billions spend on the models, they simply give you what you want depending on you initial assumptions. We now have a pretty long track record. This link shows the forecasts that launched the entire global warming industry in 1988. The graph is a simple forecast vs observed.

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