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The left believes in dystopias, (Elysium Fields, the Hunger Games, etc.), because they live in them. Democrat House districts have shrunk to just the center of cities. In Democrat districts the limousine liberals live side-by-side with the inner city poor. Such a stark contrast in wealth between neighbors is only found in Democrat districts - so they think dystopias are normal. I probably have too much faith in the ability of humankind to problem solve, overcome and cope with all manner of challenges, but hey, so far, so good. Until proven wrong, I intend to remain an optimist.
And just for the record, climate change is not the world's greatest national security challenge. Everyone knows that except for sodden elites.

An excellent editorial, but with a huge hole, and that is the motivation behind the hard left's obsession with global warming. Since they know it really isn't happening to any significant degree, and that man has just about nothing to do with it anyway, they now call it "climate change," which means nothing.
The left's primary goal is to increase the size, scope, and power of the federal government. If AGW is a real threat, then only a massive government initiative can stop or control it, and that is the goal of the leftist political class. Fortunately, over half of the public now sees through the hoax. This may lead to a debate over the larger question, which is the corruption of science, particularly atmospheric/earth science. A new administration should work hard to expose this, reduce funding where necessary, and restore the public's confidence in science generally. It will not be easy given the hysteria of the left, and support from the liberal media, but it must be done.

"What precisely makes these world leaders so convinced that climate change is a more urgent and massive threat than the incessant rampages of Islamist violence?" Seems straightforward to me. World "leaders," in general, don't have the balls to do anything serious about terrorism. "Climate change" gives them all something that they can pretend to do something about. Regardless of whatever B.O. signs, it is not relevant unless the US Congress agrees. Further, the House of Representatives, who control the purse, must agree to fund whatever agreements B.O. thinks he has told other countries the US will implement. But the grandees and poobahs will enjoy their $500/night rooms and 3 martini lunches, perhaps with a few french ladies thrown in just for relaxation, all on your dime. This is our world leadership today, a privileged and totally ineffective collection of effetes and charlatans.

When growing up I heard much about the Piltdown Man controversy. Even later, in high school in the late 1960s, I read of well respected scientists still swearing that the Piltdown Man was real, nearly 15 years after it was shown to be composed of a man’s skull from Java, an orangutan jaw and fossilized chimpanzee teeth. Similarly today, the climate change scam is dying a slow, lingering death. It has “longer legs” for many reasons, partly because many parties can make millions of dollars through cronyism and “pump and dump” investment schemes (solyndra, etc.). Yet it shares part of its foundation with the Piltdown Man’s lure of an easy and attractive explanation, denial through a mistaken dogma and other concepts that are better described by the writings of human nature by Eric Hoffer than the principles of thermodynamics and biochemistry.


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