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The fact remains that linking "climate change' and AGW has not been accomplished by any one in the last 30 years no matter how much that they cook the books. But we keep paying $7000 every time some richie purchases a Tesla. Thus the noncompetitive junk keeps getting sold thanks to the CO2 warming myth made official by government. Interesting opinion piece by UK coal-mining family and climate-change denier website/forum (funded by fossil fuel industry). Who understands climate change is real...ummm...Exxon Mobile, Department of Defense, World Bank and most insurance companies that have to deal with it financially. Why wouldn't the WSJ start a series on companies and insurers and how they are preparing for climate change--it isn't business as usual, the WSJ knows that it has enormous economic impacts yet...crickets.? Why?

Do you have anything to add to this discussion. I saw you tried to trumpet ambiguous research from 40 years ago, but well read people know that that is when everyone thought we were heading to global cooling, so the whole premise is different. And as for insurers, like I said before if you are stating the obvious that they are interested in the potential losses due to natural calamities, then I think we'd all agree, Why do you think it would be of interest? Insurance companies are regulated in every state. Can the government force it to consider "global warming", it sure can! Having a corporation respond to political pressure is also not surprising. But for some reason you think it is. Exxon's research wasn't ambiguous (it was quite clear).  Insurers and most coastal cities have short term and long term planning for climate change...complete independent from any federal mandates. Why is this of interest? Because the WSJ is publishing 'climate change' deniers opinion pieces while businesses and communities prepare for what they already know is happening. The WSJ, you would think, might be reporting on businesses adaptations to new climate change realties because it is of significant economic importance. So where is the series on climate change and businesses?

Thanks for the link! It's adding access to the (necessary!) pile of evidence to the contrary on the "danger" of climate change. I do believe that human activity generates heat. I believe the jury is out on the role of human-created CO2 in either global warming or cooling, if for no other reasons than: 1. The countervailing nature of the forces of weather which have withstood all "dangers" for the past billion years or so, and ares still poorly understood;  2. The lack of evidence one way or the other; and  3. The concept of scale: Is there enough human-caused heat generation to have enough impact one way or the other, to justify any measures at all? Clearly, China isn't worried. They have decided to make strategic hay while the weak Obama sun shines, bother the need for discretion, by building, at great cost, *islands*! Sea levels rising? What-me-worry? Mr. Ridley has written a solid article...except the part where he expects some rational thinking by politicans responding to empirical evidence. That appears unlikely given the authors comment that this entire subject is "religious fanaticism, not scientific debate." Besides the intellectual frustration caused by these climate believers that blindly and ignorantly demand everyone get in line, it is appalling that several thousand global citizens can gather and expect that they can direct billions and billions of people to subjugate their existence and future to a big lie that cannot be substantiatedand where the daily lies are consistently proven to be false. These people must be removed from power...and in the US that will happen next year.

The greenies have fallen in love with romantic vision in which they come to the world's rescue and banish the scheming evil corporatists and hoarding robber barrons ... like children of some Neverland battling a world of Captain Hooks, they glory in their simplististic visions of good and evil, in which their own heroic and impeccable motives must triumph over those of their corrupt and morally inferior adversaries. Facts and reason cannot penetrate this fairy tale world. After all, reality is so much less fun than make believe. And so they remain, green, for ever and ever.


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