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It has outsole that is made of cupsole rubber. Its heel is stacked and leather lining is in full. Elastic inserts on slip-on design makes sure that you take it on and off with ease. Its upper is polished to give shining look and is made of leather. The heel height is 1 and a quarter inch and it weighs 1 pound and 2 ounces for size 11D. It can be found in these colors: black nappa, British tan, dark brown.


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Hatred of people is the core of ALL leftists' efforts. People cause pollution. People cause economic growth. People cause the use of natural resources. People cut down trees. People fish the oceans. People are just plain evil, according the the leftists, so I do not ever expect to stop hearing about population growth as it is the convenient boogeyman for the left, especially the environmentalists. Climate change hysteria is nothing but an attempt for liberals to gain more control over people's lives. I laugh every time I see the green idiots smiling as another wind turbine comes down the highway on an 18 wheeler. They have no concept how much fossil fuel was consumed manufacturing the machine or dragging the components to the pad site. A wind turbine takes over 50 years of continuous operation to balance the energy consumed in construction. We are a nation of idiots for putting up with this nonsense.


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