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Its outsole is made of rubber. The footbed is lightly cushioned and it has full leather lining. There is elastic trim for secure grip and it features slip on design so you can take it on and off with ease. Its upper is made of leather. It can be found in these colors: black suede, armor metallic, bronze metallic, chestnut suede and rose gold metallic.


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Also, don't think that I didn't notice that you completely ignored my criticism of your CO2-lag claim. It's not a good idea to do that if you want people to think you are a 'skeptic' rather than a 'denier'. That kind of confirmation bias is not the hallmark of a skeptic.  [Confirmation bias = the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one's beliefs or hypotheses, while giving disproportionately less consideration to alternative possibilities. It has also been coined "myside bias", as in "my side" gets preferential treatment in analysis.] What polls? A citation or link would be nice. Surveying scientists in a, well, scientific way is extremely difficult. The peer-review process, with all of its flaws, is really the best system anyone has ever proposed to get a sense of what scientists think about an issue. The ideas that have the best support drive the published work on the topic. Cost-benefit analysis is a great idea. If only people would admit that there is a problem to solve where that kind of analysis would be necessary to making policy decisions. Instead, I see the conclusion that we should do nothing now driving every all of the argument of AGW opponents.

"We're the nuanced ones open to the truth, you're hardcore, black-and-white on an extremely complex subject."
I've been arguing here on this topic for many years now. The only thing I'm "hardcore" about is insisting that people make reasoned arguments. "CO2 levels trailed the temperature rise in ice core data when the Earth was coming out of glacial maximums (colloquially called ice ages). It did so in those cases because the planet was warming due to changes in its orbit, precession of the axial tilt, or a combination of these. As the globe warmed for these reasons, then CO2 increased in response to that and enhanced the existing warming trend."  So uncontrollable natural factors,the earth's orbit, tilt, precession and perhaps other unknowns caused the earth to warm and CO2 to increase.Now the AGW alarmists consisting of many ,if not most, government employees and government funded academics  are advocating a "theory" that a rather modest increase in CO2 overrides all other natural factors and actually causes warming. A complete reversal of what is factually known and which you presented yourself, CO2 follows warming, not causes warming.

Patrick, a couple minutes on Google (the friend you seem to not like talking to), would have pointed you to the fact that these kinds of changes (collectively known as Milankovitch Cycles) occur on time scales of 18,000 years to over 100,000 years. They don't relate to anything in climate that we need to worry about for at least several centuries. AGW is a problem today's children will have to deal with in their lifetimes, at a minimum. CO2 followed warming in those circumstances because there was something to cause the warming first, and the carbon was coming from storage in the biosphere (methane in permafrost, CO2 dissolved in the oceans). Now, we are adding CO2 (and other GHGs) to the atmosphere without any other driving forces acting on human time scales in a way large enough to disguise what GHGs are doing. These ideas are not that complicated. You just have to be willing to look for answers you might not like.

"CO2 followed warming in those circumstances because there was something to cause the warming first. If you and the other perpetrators of climate change (covers warming, cooling and everything in between), nee global warming, had been around at the beginning of the end of the last Ice Age or the advent of the Medieval Warm period or the Middle Ages Little Ice Age or the roughly 5,000 year period when North Africa went from a lush tropical paradise to the Sahara desert who are what would they be blaming, no doubt some evil spirit or angry god since mankind was not emitting much CO2 and the earth was experiencing both warming and cooling periods since 1000AD. It is a scientific fact that there are other driving forces that act on human times scales that have significant effect on the earth's climate.  You must also explore areas that provide answers that do not support the theory of CO2 caused warming today.


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