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Features stylish leather upper. Contrast laces with front lace-up closure system. Its lining is super soft and made of leather material. Its sock liner is lightly cushioned to maximize the coziness. The are rubber inserts on its leather sole. The heel height is 1 and a quarter inches and it weighs 1 pound and 5 ounces when measured for size 11.5. Its made in 2 colors: chestnut grain / corporate orange and black grain / oak green.


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Richard, I believe that I was the one who cited the two books. Apparently you did not bother to obtain and read either one? If you had, you would have learned some REAL science! I also suggested a NASA website and paper on the internet. I notice you did not bother to mention them. Why not? Our sun is a variable star. It's variability causes changes in the amount of radiation in our atmosphere. I also referenced a classic physics demonstration apparatus known as the Wilson Cloud Chamber which demonstrates that moisture condenses on radioactive particles. Changes in the amount of radioactivity affect the cloud cover which in turn affects the temperature of our planet. See the observations of Henrik Svensmark. I have also seen data which confirms Svensmark without meaning to do so. By the way, I was a physics major in college. Based on this post of yours I have to conclude that you are a typical liberal - ignorant and determined to remain that way.

Mr Ridley and Mr Peiser should be ashamed for including the facts of scientific studies and reports that question any of the standard climate alarmist claims. It is a breach of the public trust to demonstrate that a highly accepted consensus is not a consensus. It can cause the population to lose faith in their leaders, especially the leaders that keep shilling for a consensus that is not a consensus, just to drive the more-power-to-the-government agendas they have. Just follow the story about stomach ulcers. It is a story of one man (well, two, but one gets all the credit). Barry Marshall, together with Robin Warren. Dr. Marshall was tormented as he watched the carnage of the disease and its mistreatment. Misery, death and mutilation. They figured out the cause, and cure. Dr. Marshall was ignored or ridiculed, ostracized. He was a "skeptic." A "denier." He tried to communicate his findings through every venue he could. He was shut out. Then, he infected himself by drinking a cocktail made of the stuff from the wounds of ulcer patients. He then cured himself by taking antibiotics. It took some time for word to get out, but the nature of, and cure for the disease is now universally accepted medical practice.

The point is, it took ONE man (well, two) to prove the entire medical profession wrong, and he had to slog through personal and professional attacks to make it happen. Every doctor, save these two men, were wrong. Proven by a "denier." This is personal for me. I ended my battle with ulcers some five years before Dr. Marshall discovered the cure. I could have been spared years of suffering if the entire medical profession had not tried to silence Dr. Marshall. My immune system did eventually fight off the infection by itself. But many before me were not so lucky. Many died before he fought the good fight. It takes only one person to question "established" science, and prove the lot of them wrong. One person. One "skeptic." One "denier." It's never "settled."

Leslie, that doesn't change the central thesis. That it only takes the persistence and determination of one person who is right to eventually prove the consensus wrong. The bar is set high, and that is best.
And you are right. Skepticism is a founding pillar of science. Those who break through the group think must always take the more challenging path. And bear the slings and arrows. (Sorry for the melodramatic prose. It is just convenient.) But my point is that an entire community of self-congratulating scientists are often wrong. Those who challenge the commonly accepted theories are the ones who most dramatically advance science. If we prosecute them and censure them, we go back to the days that predate the Enlightenment. It's all well and good to have them defend themselves before a skeptical and challenging, even harshly challenging body of peers. But that's not where we find ourselves. We're talking about the threat of prosecution for speech. Ostracizing some for publishing opposing ideas. Censuring peers. Manipulating and hiding data. Setting the peer review bar high is one thing. Repression is quite another.

Dom - the classic case of this issue is presented in the book titled Longitude, by Dava Sobel (Subtitled "The True Story of the Lone Genius who Solver The Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time). It reflects the whole gamut of what takes place when a true scientist is up against an orthodoxy of scientific opinion and those supporting that orthodoxy also have all the levers of political power and what passes for the gate keepers of "official position" on their side as well. I believe Longitude belongs in the curriculum as a reading requirement in Junior High/Middle School science courses.


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