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Full disclosure: I have absolutely no academic background in "climate science" and cannot comment on the validity of the various models and their underlying theories. But I do know something about research methods. The gold standard of science is replicability, not "consensus." When the developers of models release their data so it can be replicated by independent researchers, I will pay attention. It is IMO, scientific malpractice to not make their data available to the larger science community. A second issue, it seems to me, is rent seeking behavior by scientists whose livelihood is based on government largess in the form of grants. A third issue: it may well be that a warming climate may have benefits that outweigh the costs of mitigating the assumed negative effects of warming. Bjorn Lindstrom has made this case quite eloquently. I am still waiting for scientists to tell me what the ideal temperature of the planet is. Not only the ideal temperature of the planet, but I would like the global warmists to tell us what year in "recorded" history that temperature occurred. Remember that the ideal temperature must have occurred in the past. Otherwise, why is there such a commotion about the temperatures going higher. This 'all-too-carefully-written' assessment won't move the needle of public opinion in any discernible way and it scarcely educates. Remember this: CO2, existing in far greater amounts in pre-industrial times, has not, repeat HAS NOT, been shown to be harmful in ANY way! It IS essential to all life, we cannot survive without it. Further, only with the use of demonstrably inaccurate computer-model ('guesses') does it (CO2) play a role in forcing global surface temperatures. Scientific recognition of these facts is growing at a significant pace and needs to be advertised much more widely. Little understood fact: The core motivation behind this frenzy has been mounted by the 'anti-capitalism' movement.

Until humans came along, CO2 hasn't existed in greater amounts than about 280 ppm (currently 400 ppm) at any time going back hundreds of thousands of years. CO2 is essential for the entire life cycle on Earth as we know it now, sure. That doesn't mean that higher amounts of it will be great. In fact, it is harmful at high enough concentrations, just ask any astronaut, or watch the movie Apollo 13. (We'd be a very, very long way from reaching those concentrations, but it is still clearly false to say that it isn't harmful in "ANY way!") The greenhouse effect was first proposed about 200 years ago, and Svante Arrhenius did the first calculations of the effect of doubling CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere more than 100 years ago. He thought it would be a good thing, over all, but he also thought it would take thousands of years to accomplish. What needs to be advertised much more widely is that it is the 'free-market' true believers that need to think more critically. For the record, I believe in free markets, just not as a virtually religious ideology that would blind me to facts and conclusions that might contradict the policies a pure pro-business, pro-growth mindset would lead one to think are the best. Nuclear is in slow retreat, and its cost stubbornly refuses to fall.

Add "in the US" to the end of that sentence. France is doing fine. China and Russia are banging out nuclear power plants as fast as they can. What is stopping it in the US is that few to none are willing to put up with 20 years of costly litigation, with a distinct possibility of losing in the end. You see, the French don't waste time and money on litigation. If they need more power, they just build it. They have a time-proven design, and they just stamp them out cookie cutter fashion. The French had 7 nuclear incidents over the last 35 years, resulting in one death. Far, far more people die extracting and transporting coal and oil. The incidents were contained, and life goes on. The authors are wrong on nuclear power. Not surprising given Mr. Ridley's coal interest.


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