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Avalon Tall Boots



Cole Haan Avalon Tall Boot are luxurious, bold and magnificent boots which will give you eye-catching and fabulous looks. These boots have rugged and durable built quality from premium and rich materials which offers exceptional durability. You can wear these boots with casual outfits. Smooth and soft interior and high grade durable exterior makes these boots long lasting and comfortable. These boots have upper made from superior leather which can be cleaned easily. The upper has ultra suede black panel which offers comfortable fit and greater styling. The upper also has three strap and buckle closures along the shaft which allows you customized and snug fit. These strap and buckle closures also makes these boots eye-catching and bold. These boots have pull on silhouette which allows you to slide them on and off easily. The interior has been lined with smooth leather which offers great next to skin feel. The lining keeps your feet irritation and blister free and it prevents discomfort. The lining also keeps your feet dry, fresh and healthy by absorbing the moisture off them. The footbed of these boots has been cushioned from heel to toe and it has been wrapped with leather. The leather keeps the footbed smooth and it also provides moisture management. The footbed also offers magnificent comfort so you can dance all night without any fatigue. These boots have outsole made from leather and rubber combination. The rubber keeps the high wear areas durable for long term use. The rubber and leather combination gives great durability and strength to the outsole. This outsole also offers grip on multiple dry and wet terrains. These imported boots have 1 ¼ inches of heel along with ¼ inches of platform. The shaft is 16 ½ inches tall with shaft circumference of 15 inches. They weigh 1 pound and 4 ounces as per size 9. You can find this style in these colors: Dark Chocolate and Black.


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