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Cole Haan Air Monica Ballet are very lightweight ballet style flats which have sleek silhouette to give you premium and trendy looks. These shoes are ready to be used with casual and formal outfits. You can wear them for office or casual hangout. The lightweight construction allows you long time wearing without even feeling them. The high grade construction and premium materials ensure exceptional durability and long lasting wear. These shoes have upper made from suede which offers comfortable and personalized fit. The upper has patent leather details which gives more feminine and chic looks to these shoes. The slip on construction allows you to wear them without any effort. These shoes have round toe silhouette which has been engineered to ensure greater looks and wider toe box. The interior has smooth leather lining which wicks the moisture off your feet to deliver healthy and dry wearing. The lining also keeps your feet in exceptionally comfortable environment all day long. The interior of these shoes also has cushioned insole which keeps your feet comfortable. The footbed is very smooth and it allows you to stay on your feet for long time. The insole has concealed Nike Air technology which has been designed to deliver you shocks absorption and magnified comfort with each step. This insole keeps your ride stress and fatigue free. These shoes have outsole made from high quality rubber which offers excellent flexibility to make your each step smooth and comfortable. The outsole also offers grip on different types of surfaces to ensure slip resistant and sturdy stride. These imported shoes have inches of heel which offers just a tiny bit of lift. They weigh just 7 ounces as per size 9 which is very lightweight. You can find this style in these colors: Patent/ Winery Suede, Patent/ Rose Gold Metallic, Patent/ Pendant Teal, Paloma Patent/ Paloma, Nightshade Patent/ Nightshade, Patent/ Cinnabar Suede, Patent/ Camello Suede, Black, Armor Metallic and Velvet Red Patent/ Velvet Red.


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