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Cole Haan Air Juliana Pump 45 are eye-catching pumps which have pointy toe silhouette to give you eye-catching, marvelous and chic looks. The sleek and sophisticated design of these pumps allows you to wear them with dressy, casual and formal outfits. The high built quality and rich materials of these shoes ensure long lasting durability and lightweight style. These shoes have upper made from patent leather which offers sleek and polished looks. The pointed toe silhouette offers evergreen and trendy appeal. These shoes have slip on construction which allows you to slide them on and off easily which is perfect for woman on the go. The interior has lining from leather which offers magnificent instep feel and it keeps your feet free from irritation and blisters. The leather makes the whole interior very smooth and it also wicks off the moisture from your feet to ensure healthy and dry wearing. These shoes have padded footbed which features concealed Nike Air technology. This footbed is extremely comfortable and it allows you to stay on your feet for long time. The footbed also offers shocks absorption to magnify the comfort level. The footbed has been wrapped with leather which magnifies the comfort and it also offers moisture management. These shoes have outsole made for high grade leather which offers long lasting durability. The outsole also has forepart made from rubber which adds more durability and it also offers grip on different types of surfaces. These shoes have 2 inches heel and they weigh just 8 ounces as per size 9. You can find this style in these colors: Summer Khaki, Sandstone Patent, Sandstone, Nougat Patent, Cover Patent, Blazer Blue Patent, Blazer Blue and Black Patent.


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