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Cole Haan Air Grant are lightweight moccasin style shoes which have joyful and comfortable silhouette to allow you long wearing. These shoes have lightweight construction from rich and top notch materials to ensure endless durability. The padded and smooth interior offers magnificent instep feel and allows you to wear these shoes all day long. The upper of these moccasins is available in croc embossed leather, suede and simple leather. The upper materials are high quality and offer you comfortable fit. The upper also has eye-catching and unique brass grommets along with laces made from rawhide to make them more attractive and appealing. These shoes have slip on construction which allows you to slide them on and off quickly. The interior has lining of leather which has natural ability to wick off the moisture from the feet to provide healthy, fresh and odorless interior environment. The lining also offers premium instep feel and it allows you to keep on wearing these shoes all day long. The interior has cushioned footbed which features concealed Nike Air technology. The footbed offers magnificent cushioning and comfort and it also attenuates shocks upon impact to keep the comfort at peak. The footbed offers you long walking without any fatigue. These moccasins have outsole made from high quality rubber which offers exceptional flexibility. The rubber keeps the high wear areas of the outsole durable for long term use. The outsole also offers sturdy, stable and smooth ride on multiple terrains. The outsole has heel protected for additional durability. These shoes weigh 9 ounces as per size 9. You can find this style in these colors: T Moro Leather, Pristine/ Empire Suede, Dark Brown Croc, Pristine/ Citrine Suede, Volt/ Charcoal Grey Suede, Lavender/ Botanical Suede and Papaya Leather.


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