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Cole Haan Adler Tall Boot


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Cole Haan Adler Tall Boot are sleek and sophisticated boots which have tall silhouette to give you eye-catching and appealing personality. These boots have rich built quality to ensure all season style and long lasting durability. These boots can be used with lots of casual outfits to get magnificent and marvelous looks. The upper of these boots has been made from fine quality leather which is smooth and it can be cleaned very easily. The upper of these boots has ultra-suede on the back panel of the shaft which offers comfortable fit and eye-catching looks. The upper has strap and buckle details at the back. These boots have pull on construction which allows you to slide them on and off instantly. The interior of these boots has been lined with smooth leather which keeps your feet dry and healthy by absorbing the moisture off them. The lining prevents blisters and irritation caused by extended wearing. The interior has fully cushioned footbed which offers magnificent and premium cushioning to provide long lasting comfort. The footbed allows you long and stress free ride all day long. These boots have outsole made from high grade rubber which offers flexibility and smooth ride. The rubber keeps the high wear areas durable for long term use. The outsole also offers grip on multiple dry and wet terrains for slip free and sturdy stride. The outsole features stacked heel which offers stable and supportive ride. These imported boots have 1 ¼ inches of heel. The shaft is 16 ½ inches tall with 14 ¼ inches of shaft circumference. They weigh 1 pound and 3 ounces as per size 9. You can find this style in these colors: Dark Gull Gray, Chestnut and Black.


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